Discover Card’s Peggy at a football game

When you have problems with your credit card, there is one person you don’t want picking up the phone.

Peggy. This Cosby-sweater wearing, customer service hellion has been terrorizing credit card customers for over a year now, and it seems he has no intention of stopping.

In his latest act of credit card harassment, Peggy answers the call of  a stadium-goer who just wants to buy a few snacks for his kids. Chaos ensues.

Up until a few hours before the shoot, the jerseys that appear in the commercial above were just red. But a last minute change of mind, saw Sports Studio seamstresses put the pedal to the metal and crank out two matching jerseys with white shoulder stripes for father and son.

Like the customer service that Discover Card advertises, Sports Studio goes to all lengths to get the job done on time and to the customer’s satisfaction.