Downy Super Bowl Commercial with Mean Joe Greene and Amy Sedaris

If this isn’t one of the most iconic football commercial in history, then don’t call us Hollywood’s authentic sports leader.

You remember, we know. So now, go ahead and say it, “Sports Studio, I will call you Hollywood’s authentic sports leader.”

If you weren’t glued to the TV in the hour leading up to Super Bowl XLVI, you may have missed Mean Joe Greene’s return to commercial lore with this Downy spot featuring Amy Sedaris.

We have to be honest, when we heard they were putting Mean Joe in a Super Bowl commercial 30 years later, we hoped they weren’t going to diminish the pure awesomeness (for lack of a better word) of the original. We’re glad they didn’t.

Sure, it’s not as iconic as the original, but Sedaris’ hair parted like the little boy’s is hilarious in and of itself.

Although Sportsrobe– Sports Studio’s wardrobe division– has been around since 1972, we can’t say for sure that we provided the wardrobe for the original. We may have, we may not have. Let’s just say it’s easier to keep track of paperwork and jobs in 2012.

We can, however, proudly say that this time around we provided Mean Joe with his officially licensed NFL uniform from head to toe. And just in case you don’t know what head to toe means, that includes: cleats, socks, knee and thigh pads, NFL authentic Steeler pants, a belt, shoulder pads, an NFL authentic jersey and a Pittsburgh helmet.

While we’re on the topic of helmets, if you look closely, you may notice that Mr. Mean Joe is holding a Xenith helmet. If you can’t look that closely, which odds are you can’t because it’s pretty hard to see, this internet commercial gives you a cleaner look at our wardrobe and the Xenith helmets.

You can learn more about Xenith Helmets (HERE).