Draft Day in Theaters April 11th

Bull Durham.

Field of Dreams.

For the Love of the Game.

We’re used to seeing Kevin Costner in our baseball sportsrobe.

Then there was his stint as a golfer in Tin Cup.

Now, he’ll be hitting the silver screen in our licensed GM apparel.

Sports Studio played a major role in the production of Draft Day as the NFL’s entertainment licensee.

Every NFL licensed product came from our warehouse in Torrance.

That means every jersey, every coach’s polo, the fanware, and yes, Kevin Costner’s authentic Browns attire.

Additionally, we placed dozens of products in the film with our burgeoning product placement services.

Watch the official Draft Day trailer here.

Catch Draft Day in theaters April 11th. Keep your eyes out for Costner’s next sports film “McFarland” coming this November. Yeah, we’re doing that one too.

Recognize this jacket?













See it on Denis Leary in Draft Day next month. article-2328463-19E86817000005DC-769_634x778