Duracell’s On the Line Campaign: Niners vs. Seahawks

Reminiscent of last season’s Superbowl, in Duracell’s latest “On the Line” campaign, Seattle Seahawks face the San Francisco 49ers in the red zone. What makes this campaign so unique is that it features two spots from the same game, as told from each team’s perspective.Both commercials highlight that the NFL relies on Duracell for communications on the field and on the sidelines. And both spots leave viewers in suspense, cutting just before you see the outcome of the play (As if the anticipation of football season isn’t already enough).

Sports Studio supplied sixteen complete Seahawks and sixteen complete Niners uniforms for this shoot. That’s helmets, face masks, shoulder, knee, and thigh pads, gloves, belts, socks, and cleats for thirty two players. Additionally, we provided ten coaches uniforms and four sets of referee uniforms for the officials. We even sent a photographer’s vest and pants to outfit a cameraman on the sidelines.

Beyond wardrobe, our On-Set Sport Tech was sent to outfit the athletes, including talent Russell Wilson and Patrick Willis. With our bag and tag wardrobe services, we prepped everything beforehand to get to set as organized as possible. Our On-Set Sport Tech worked with Stylist Cris Araujo to correctly outfit all 32 athletes head to toe, eliminating production delays despite the 102 degree heat.

With our expert sports wardrobe knowledge, we assured Team Epic and Anonymous Content the authenticity of a true to life game. That’s what we do best. If you haven’t see the commercials yet, you can watch them below. And if you’re curious for more information about our on-set services,  click here.