Ellen Degeneres at the New Orleans Saints’ Camp

Nine seasons later, Ellen DeGeneres is still not afraid to make herself the butt of her own jokes. Her easy-going, conversational style and self-deprecating humor has become a staple of daytime television across the country.

Not only commercially appreciated, The Ellen DeGeneres Show has garnered the attention of critics and industry mates alike earning 32 daytime Emmy’s.

This week Ellen kicked off her ninth season in style, well, out of style really, as she visited the New Orleans Saints’ camp in a full 1920’s football uniform.
Now where could she get a football jersey like that nearly 100 years later? Maybe the people who wardrobed Leatherheads, pehaps? Surprise, Surprise, Ellen got the uniform from Hollywood’s Authentic Sports Leader– Sports Studio.

In addition to being able to suit up the host in period attire, we also dressed two of Ellen’s writer’s in contemporary football garb as well- Seen Here:

If you look closely enough, you may notice that we placed our friends from Xenith’s innovative helmets on Ellen’s writers. Check out to learn more about the technology that they are putting into their helmets.

With the TV season rolling in make sure you keep an eye out for Sports Studio wardrobe in all of your favorite shows.