ESPN 30 for 30: Little Big Men Jerseys

If you are a sports fan then more than likely you have seen one episode if not many of the recent short documentary series called 30 for 30 airing on ESPN.

One episode Sports Studio had the opportunity to be a part of was the documentary about Cody Webster and his Little League World Series team in the early 80’s; “Little Big Men”. Cody and his fellow teammates thought all they were competing for was a Little League World Series Championship against a team from Tawaiin; little did they know that this game meant a lot more to the American public. On top of the problems America had internationally including a major oil and economic crisis, problems with the Soviet Union and an assassination attempt on our Commander-in-Chief; but an American team had not won a Little League World Series in 7 years and the previous champions were all a part of Communist nations.

This game can be compared to the meaning “The Miracle” Olympic hockey game meant to the United States in the 1980 Olympics but it happened 2 years later with 10-12 year old boys. Much like the life changing game the USA hockey team played against the Soviets; Cody Webster and the Little League Team from Kirkland, Washington helped win a game for America that would change their lives forever.

Sports Studio helped recreate the jerseys both teams wore for the 1982 Little League World Series Championship for re-enactments that were used in the documentary both of which can be seen below.