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School starts back up for a lot of people this month — kids, teenagers, teachers, coaches, parents… and NFL players.

Full NFL Drew Brees Uniform Rental from Hollywood's Football HQ, Sports Studio.

You read that correctly. For Drew Brees, Clay Matthews, Richard Sherman, and even Marshawn Lynch, class is in session. In this great commercial from the Xbox team, Brees plays the overzealous student at the front of the class, Matthews sits in the back and doesn’t care, Sherman is the book nerd, and Lynch shows up at the end of class. The dynamic of these players as students is hilarious, and we personally hope that Xbox turns this into a mini series of content.

Full NFL Seattle Seahawks Uniform Rental from Hollywood's Football HQ, Sports Studio.

Full NFL Green Bay Packers Uniform Rental for Clay Matthews from Hollywood's Football HQ, Sports Studio.

As the entertainment provider for all things NFL, we worked with production company After All to supply the NFL uniform rentals for Brees, Matthews, Sherman, and Beast Mode. If you’re working on a production or event and are looking for football apparel, we have the entertainment industry’s largest selection. There’s a reason we’re trusted by the NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS — we provide the best selection, service, and knowledge when it comes to sports productions.

Have an upcoming production and need a football helmet rental or full football uniform to rent? Email us at or call us at 310.559.3999.

Full Seahawks Uniform Rental for Marshawn Beast Mode Lynch, from Hollywood's Football Event Apparel Headquarters, Sports Studio.

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Crew Gifts for Wrap Parties Tue, 25 Aug 2015 21:35:54 +0000 While we’re mostly known for providing sports production services to sets all over the nation, one of our exclusive secret services that you may not have known about is our custom crew gifts service.

Sports Studio can provide custom printing solutions for your next gift idea or live event.

As a special to our core customers — producers, stylists, costume designers, 2nd ADs, propmasters, productions assistants — we wanted to provide production crew gifts that will last a lifetime off-screen and remind everyone of the memories they’ve made on their shoot. Before  someone yells “it’s a wrap!” and starts putting together the production team wrap party, contact us for custom printing solutions. We can provide custom t-shirts, custom caps, custom jersey printing, and more — all for your film crew.

Sports Studio provides custom printing solutions for any wardrobe job during film production, as well as crew gifts for production wrap parties.

Our design team can work with you to create the artwork you want on the film crew gifts. We provide style guides to illustrate how the artwork will look on the gift. We will work with you throughout the order to ensure your crew gifts are tailored exactly to your specifications.

Sports Studio can cut and press numbers to give your next crew gift a sports theme.

Interested in getting a quick quote on film crew gifts? Email us at or call (310) 559-3999 ext. 121. We look forward to helping you make your wrap party gifts extra special.

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Petite Randy Moss | DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Mon, 24 Aug 2015 19:18:30 +0000

At 6 feet and 4 inches, Randy Moss was quite a presence on the field during his heyday in the NFL. Petite Randy Moss on the other hand — well, he has cable.

In this amusing commercial from DirecTV, Randy Moss personifies the benefits of having NFL Sunday Ticket, while Petite Randy Moss personifies the lack of Sunday Ticket on cable. When normal-sized Randy talks about how great it is to watch his old teams on Sunday ticket, he walks through a hallway filled with jerseys he wore throughout his career. We actually worked with DirecTV to provide those framed Vikings, Raiders, Patriots, Titans, and 49ers jerseys, as seen below.

Authentic NFL Jersey rentals framed for Randy Moss in DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket commercial

As a trusted entertainment partner to the NFL, whenever a production is looking for full, authentic NFL football uniforms or football jersey rentals, we’re there to provide the productions with exactly what they need.

Working on a commercial and need football equipment? Email us at or call 310.559.3999, and we’ll gladly be of assistance.

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Our 5 Favorite Moments in Scripted Sports Content | 2015 Summer Edition Fri, 21 Aug 2015 18:40:31 +0000 Since we’re almost at the end of summer, we thought it’d be nice to recap how fantastic of a year this has been for scripted sports content. With this blog post, we would like to present our 5 favorite moments in scripted sports content that we worked on so far in 2015.

Number 5: “Here’s To The Takers,” from Adidas and Imperial Woodpecker. The high-octane movement and intensity in each scene keep our eyes and hearts racing, and the sports wardrobe we provided keeps them looking good.


Number 4: Key & Peele’s Super Bowl Special. We had such a great experience working with those two on set and providing the NFL uniform rentals that we decided to key this into the fourth spot.

Rent NFL Football Uniforms

Number 3: Episode 12 – “Dribbling Tiger, Bounce Pass Dragon” – of ABC’s new hit series, “Fresh Off The Boat.” Since it’s the first mainstream comedy touching on growing up in an Asian-American household, we thought this episode was not only hilarious, but also culturally significant. And let’s be real, we’ve all worn a basketball uniform like these shown below at least once in our lives.

Custom Basketball Uniforms in Hollywood

Number 2:Worldwide,” the video debut of Apple Music. Apple Music is probably going to change how the music industry functions as a whole. Although it’s too soon to tell what type of reach it’ll have, we’re glad to have been able to provide the boxing rentals seen below on such a momentous commercial.

Sports Studio provided the boxing gloves rental, boxing shorts rental, and boxing boots rental seen in the Apple commercial "Worldwide."

Number 1: The FIFA 16 cover, featuring Alex Morgan. This is everything to us. Alex is America’s sweetheart right now, having been a part of US Women’s National Team that won the FIFA Women’s World Cup. We have a strong and proud relationship with the USSF. And last but not least, we love FIFA. So, it excites us greatly that there has been an inclusion of women’s teams for 2016. And we are more than honored to be the providers of the USWNT uniforms for this special moment in history.

Sports Studio provided the USWNT Soccer Kit Rental for Alex Morgan on the FIFA 16 EA Sports Photoshoot

If you’re working on an upcoming production and need anything sports related wardrobe, props, casting, coordination, product placement, consulting email us at or call 310.559.3999. We’ll be more than happy to help you create a great piece of content as well.

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Football Is Family | NFL Thu, 20 Aug 2015 18:00:37 +0000

If you’ve ever played on a football team, you understand that your team is like your family. When you’re doing your hell weeks and 2-a-day practices, you eat meals with them. You joke with them, you talk with them, you confide in them. When you’re out on the field, they’ve got your back and you have theirs.

In this commercial from the NFL, that’s exactly the type of relationship they want to convey to their audience. By going through the motions of a day through the eyes of an unnamed kid and New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, viewers can see the parallels in their days, and the two types of family they’re surrounded by.

kid throwing a football

Rob Gronkowski stretching

As the NFL’s trusted partner in entertainment, we provided Gronk and the rest of the Patriots with their full football uniforms, including their helmets, pads, gloves, and cleats.

Full NFL Football Uniform Rental for Rob Gronkowski from Sports Studio, Hollywood's football HQ.

Full NFL Football Uniform Rental for Rob Gronkowski from Sports Studio, Hollywood's football HQ.

Full NFL Football Uniform Rental for Rob Gronkowski from Sports Studio, Hollywood's football HQ.

Full NFL Football Uniform Rental for Rob Gronkowski from Sports Studio, Hollywood's football HQ.

We love how this video turned out. With decades of experience working in sports, we can provide you with the same excellence and attention to detail that we provide the NFL. If you’re working on an upcoming production, and you need custom printing, uniforms/props, athlete casting, or coordination, call us at 310.559.3999 or email

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I Dare You | Taco Bell Wed, 19 Aug 2015 20:11:54 +0000

Scott Danshaw has been a daredevil all his life. In this new video from Taco Bell, daredevils like Scott Danshaw, are being dared to try Taco Bell’s new $1 Dare Devil loaded grillers, which range from spicy to “I can’t feel my face when I eat this”.

We worked with Skunk Productions and Taco Bell to provide the green cheerleader uniform rental and letterman jackets seen in the high school scene below,

Cheerleader Outfit rentals and Letterman's jacket rentals

as well as the full red basketball warm ups and basketball shoes all the professional players were wearing in the following scene.

Full basketball warm ups rentals and basketball shoe rentals

As the largest provider of sports wardrobe and sports prop rentals to productions, it’s easy to see why production companies trust us — we get the job done.

Need sports apparel rentals for an upcoming commercial, TV show, film or photo shoot? Email us at, or call us at 310.559.3999.

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Hollywood Football Headquarters | Football Uniforms Tue, 18 Aug 2015 20:27:25 +0000 We worked on over 1,300 productions in 2014. When it comes to creating the best-in-class scripted football content, people come to Sports Studio, because we can do it all. We carry the largest inventory of football uniforms, helmets, and props — contemporary and vintage — available for rental to productions across the nation.

Period Football Uniform Rental Leatherhead Vintage Andrew Luck

Football Jersey Rental Autozone

TacklePBA Avanir PSA 2

Trusted by the NFL as an entertainment partner, we handle all the football wardrobe for any commercial, TV show, film, or photo shoot because we understand the intricacies of outfitting a NFL player head-to-toe. From an athlete’s brand sponsorships to their sizing and preferences for specific accessories, our football consultants have an encyclopedic knowledge that they bring to set to ensure that your football scenes look authentic on screen.

Sports Studio provided the football uniform rental and equipment seen in this still from an NFL commercial.

NFL Philadelphia Eagles Uniform Rental

There’s a reason that we’re considered Hollywood’s football HQ: because we can offer you everything you’ll need to shoot a football scene — football pads, cleats, uniforms, props, stunt coordinators, a casting database of 18,000+ athletes, in-house fittings, custom logo design, and even product placement. Our services truly will make the on screen action look and feel authentic.

denver broncos full football uniform rental peyton manning

Working on a production that has a football scene or needs football gear? Call us at 310.559.3999 or email, we would love to help you out.

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From Broadway to Hollywood – Renting Sports Wardrobe Since 1972 Tue, 18 Aug 2015 15:58:12 +0000 Sports Studio has been around in one form or another since 1972, starting out as Sportsrobe. In that time, we’ve created, stocked, and collected a lot of great sports wardrobe and props. Actually, a lot might be an understatement. As far as it concerns anyone working on a production, we carry the largest inventory of sports equipment in our warehouse—over 135,000 hanging garments and counting.
We keep both the freshest full football uniform rentals that you’ll find at any costume house, as well as the best in period football wardrobe.

Full grey football uniform rental with custom logos and helmets. Sports Studio performed football consulting to ensure authenticity on screen.

Period Football Uniform Rental

We also keep the latest in NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and US Soccer equipment, as their trusted partner in entertainment.

Hollywood's Go-To For Sports Props | Sports Studio

Custom Lakers Jersey for Gatorade Commercial.

Full USWNT Soccer Uniform Rentals for Coppertone Commercial

Baseball Equipment Rentals

Our friendly wardrobe staff will be more than accommodating throughout the entire process, from the moment you walk through the door to the moment your gear arrives on set. Our sports wardrobe consultants are available as an extra service to you, our core customer, to ensure the authentic look and feel of each sport scene, as well as pair up each professional athlete with their appropriate brand sponsors.

If you have any questions regarding our wardrobe inventory of 25+ sports, give us a ring at 310.559.3999 or email us at

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2 Weeks To Go | Summer On Set Sale Tue, 18 Aug 2015 00:03:47 +0000 Football Coordination in Hollywood

We’ve had a busy summer here at Sports Studio. From working on big commercials for the upcoming football season, to working on small indie features, we’re excited to see our work on screen soon.

With 2 weeks left in our Summer On Set sale, there’s only a limited amount of time left to snag the special rates on our On Set Sport-Tech.

(If you’re new to our website, you can watch the video below to learn more about what an On Set Sport-Tech does)

Using our On Set Sport-Techs will help link the gap between storytelling and sports, giving your production gameday authenticity on camera. Having been on over 100 sets, our Sport-Techs are valuable resources for sport productions—we know the business well.

So what does our Summer On Set sale entail? Any production that spends $2500 can get one day with our On Set Sport Tech for $500, normally $650/day. Productions spending $5000 only pay $200 for our On Set Sport Techs. Anything above $7500, and you get a complimentary day on set.

Working on a sports production? Call us at 310.559.3999 and we’ll gladly help you out. If you’re interested in our On Set services, you can also email us at

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NFL Thursday Night Football 2015 | CBS Tue, 11 Aug 2015 20:49:48 +0000

As summer comes to a close, we near our favorite time of year again: football season. This fall, we’ll be able to experience the joy of gathering together to watch NFL games on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday nights.

Sports Studio provided the custom football jerseys for LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell in TNF Thursday Night Football gif.

In anticipation of Thursday Night Football, CBS has prepared their annual Thursday Night Football promo to create even further excitement for this fall. We worked not only with CBS, but many of their local affiliate stations to provide the Thursday Night Football jerseys seen in the commercials. Since we’re a trusted entertainment partner for the NFL, CBS reached out to us to create these custom football jerseys. Not only were we able to produce the jerseys to their specifications, we did it with a quick turnaround to have them delivered to set on time.

custom football jersey rental

Take a look at some of our work below in the behind-the-scenes footage of this 2015 TNF spot. If you’re interested in full football uniform rentals for your next production, click here or call us at (310) 559-3999.

Sports Studio created the football jersey for Katharine McPhee in this Thursday Night Football GIF

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