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John Wooden, also known as the Wizard of Westwood, is one of the most accomplished college basketball coaches of all time holding records that remain unmatched.

In 1934, at age 24, John Wooden took his second coaching job in South Bend, Indiana at Central High School. He dates this very year to be the year he started defining success.

14 years later, Wooden finally completed “The Pyramid of Success” that famously hung up in his office throughout the rest of his coaching career. Wooden went on to winning 10 national championships at UCLA over a 12 year span.

John Wooden's Pyramid of Success

Wooden believed that you can be successful regardless of the outcome because it is about the amount of hard work and effort you put forth through the journey. 

Because his definition of success transcends basketball and sports, the NCAA used Wooden’s powerful words as the foundation for their “Fields” commercial relating to any aspect of a person’s life, whether it may be academics, work, or family.

We worked with Super Prime Films to provide them with the lacrosse, football, and soccer uniforms, as well as the baseball pants and warm up jackets used in this commercial.

Sportrobe provided the soccer uniforms for this NCAA commercial

Sportsrobe provided the soccer shorts

Sportsrobe provided the coaches jacket

Sportsrobe provided the football uniforms

Sportsrobe provided all of the lacrosse equipment

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