FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015: It’s Not Over | Fox Sports

At this time last year, we were preparing to work on World Cup commercials and promotions. It was an exciting time, with all of us hopeful for team USMNT to make a run for the cup. When we fell to Belgium in extra time 2-1, we decided to put the World Cup in the back of our heads until 2018.

But, what most of us didn’t realize is that this June is the FIFA Women’s World Cup. As Fox Sports puts it in their latest commercial, “America has a score to settle.”

Sports Studio went on set to work with HSI Productions, Alex Morgan, Abby Wambach, and the rest of the US Women’s National Team (USWNT). We were there not only to ensure that our referee uniforms fit perfectly for the actors on set,  but as the trusted entertainment licensee of the USSF.

USWNT World Cup 2015 Commercial

Alex Morgan USWNT World Cup  2015 | Sports Studio

USWNT World Cup Cleats

Alex Morgan USWNT World Cup 2 | Sports Studio

Alex Morgan | Sports Studio