Sports Studio Services

Football Choreographer in Hollywood

Sports Studio, formerly Sportsrobe, began as a sleepy little wardrobe company that gradually came to service the entertainment industry with sports uniforms. Flash forward 40 years, and we’ve grown into a sports and entertainment company with a variety of sports-specific services. We aim to be Hollywood’s one stop shop for everything football, and everything sports for that matter. 

Not only can we rent you the football uniforms and equipment you need, but we can choreograph your football plays as well. We know it can be difficult to translate art into sport and sport into art, but with extensive experience with football and entertainment, this is our area of expertise. 

We work with the top sports coordinators and also offer in-house coordination to ensure your action scenes look and feel authentic on camera. From the way a player runs a route, to the way they tackle, even to the way they line up on the field, for anyone who’s ever played or knows football, every subtlety counts. 

As crazed sports fans ourselves, we’re passionate about producing authentic sports content and preserving the integrity of the game. 

To contact us for further information about our football choreography services, please contact or reach us by phone at (310) 559.3999 x 121.  

Football Choreographer Los Angeles, Hollywood