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Football Consulting

Outfitting NFL players in their game authentic uniforms is a bit like setting the table for a White House State dinner. Given all the pieces individually, anyone could try to put together something resembling a formal table setting – but there are very strict rules as to the placement of each and every piece. 

Not everyone knows a bread and butter plate should be placed at the top left of a setting in the 10:00 position with a butter knife slightly angled on the top. Not everyone knows the dessert fork and coffee spoon should be placed above the main plate in the 12:00 spot. These aren’t secrets. Many people who have worked in hospitality probably consider this common sense, much like we consider the difference between linebacker and receiver gloves to be intuitive, or the way we know Tight Ends only wear numbers 40-49 or 80-89. 

The detail-intensive process of outfitting NFL players for productions is similar — there are multiple layers, each item with a specific placement based on it’s function. Rather than rules of etiquette, which can be loosely broken, there are strict standards in place per league requirements and player preferences. While authenticity is crucial on camera, brand sponsorship and the representation of logos must also be taken into careful consideration. For these reasons, Sports Studio offers football consulting on set. 

Our On Set Sport-Technicians combine their extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry with an expert perspective on sports. Our goal is to deliver valued guidance on set by translating art to sport and sport to art. 

Having been on over 100 sets, and as a trusted liaison to the major leagues, we’re confident we can help you create accurate, game quality sports scenes, further cementing your production’s legitimacy among athletes and sports fans.

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