Sports Studio Services

Football Equipment Rentals in Hollywood

Does your production feature a football scene? 

Sports Studio can help. We’ve been  in the sports wardrobe business since 1972, working on great football movies such as Any Given Sunday, Remember the Titans, North Dallas Forty, and Jerry Maguire.. Whether you need a single jersey for a high school hallway scene, or two entire NFL teams, we’d love to work together.

We have an ever growing inventory of over 135,000 hanging sport garments. And chances are, if you need football uniforms, you’ll need football equipment to go with them. 

Not to worry — we have a massive collection of football gear too, from shoulder, knee and thigh pads, to cleats in every shape and size, to quarterback towels and even down markers. And we have all of that for youth, high school, professional, and NFL levels. So rather than heading over to your local sports authority and purchasing these items, just drop on by Sports Studio and rent the gear you need on a week by week basis.

Our goal is to be your one stop shop for football scenes, and we genuinely want to service your production in anyway we can. Plus, having serviced the entertainment industry for over 40 years, we know when you need uniforms, you need them asap. If you can’t make it down to Torrance, we can arrange a courier service — done and done. 

Let’s hop on a  call and we’ll help you find the football equipment you need. We can be easily reached at 310.559.3999 or by email at