Football Freakonomics: Icing the Kicker

A few months ago, while we were on set of the new Head and Shoulders’ Commercial, we introduced you to Athlete Justin Skinner. With a profile on our site and a professional kicking resume, Sports Studio has helped Justin land roles in movies, tv shows and commercials all over the country.

Last month, the NFL Network called needing Sports Studio’s help with their new short video series called, “Football Freakonomics.” The goal of the segments would be to analyze and gauge football myths, phenomena, and controversy, if you will, and provide explanations and data as to the validity of these commonly held or disputed beliefs.

When the network told us that they needed a kicker to help debunk the “Icing the Kicker segment, we knew exactly who to call– Justin Skinner.

For the literal icing of the kicker, we dressed Justin in a custom Sports Studio uniform from head to toe.

And here’s the official word on icing the kicker from the experts themselves.

We have worked on a couple other NFL Network Football Freakonomics that are soon to air, so keep your eyes glued to the tube or our blog for more updates.