Football Freakonomics: Injuries

From 10-6 last year to 2-14 this year, from the 4th best offense in 2010 to the 30th in 2011, it’s easy to see that Peyton Manning’s surgery crushed the Indianapolis Colts this year.

Or did it?

The guys from Football Freakonomics and the NFL Network explore the question: How much do injuries actually affect teams?(CLICK HERE TO WATCH)

We teamed up with the series once again to provide the authentic NFL uniforms for the shoot. On top of that, we sent the entertainment industry’s premier on-set sports wardrobe consultant, who also happens to be our on-set wardrobe consultant, Gus Noguera to make sure that everything looked just right.

We worked with Peyton’s body double to ensure that when it came to the uniform, the fake Manning could be confused for the real Manning, who millions watch every Sunday, all the way down to his recognizable Riddell Revolution helmet.

While on set, Gus snapped this picture of “Manning” in the operating room.

For all of your sports wardrobe needs, both on-set and off, come to Sports Studio, we’ve got you covered.