Football in Wisk Detergent Commercial

Everyone knows that football can be a very dirty sport. The word dirty can be interpreted in two ways and Wisk Detergent can help with one.

The first way that football can be believed as dirty is how the players play the game and the way they tackle each other. When football players play dirty it increases the chances of injuries and concussions which are a major concern right now in the NFL considering the incidences that took place over October 16th weekend. Three different players were fined for illegal helmet to helmet tackles and were considered “dirty” hits.

Wisk Detergent cannot help with this definition of dirty but it can help with cleaning the jerseys off after the players hit the ground hard and get “dirt” on their jerseys.

It is this second form of “dirty” that Wisk Detergent can help with and is campaigning in their new commercial ad. The ad depicts youth football players playing football and getting dirty while doing so.

In order to shoot a commercial such as the one pictured above the production company had to find a place that could supply youth football equipment, wardrobe, and referee uniforms. They made the right decision and came to Sports Studio where we have it all!