Ford F-150: Victory Dance

Back in 2006 the NFL clamped down on touchdown celebrations. Because of this, celebrations such as Terrell Owens dancing with pom poms, Ochocinco putting footballs with pylons, or Randy Moss pretending to moon the crowd will be things of the past.

Luckily we still have footage of some of these historic dances. Here is the best compilation of celebrations and dances that we could find:

Despite players not being able to come up with lucrative touchdown dances anymore, fans are still able to boogie freely with no restrictions and dance like there is no tomorrow.

Sports Studio helped the people over at Ford came up with their own victory dance for the new F-150 advertisement by providing them with a custom red and white football jersey. The ad was featured on ESPN’s front page last week.

So we would like to ask you, what’s your victory dance? Is it something like the Icky Shuffle, or more along the lines of the Dirty Bird? Whatever it is, we hope that you will be showing it off this Thanksgiving day.