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The Super Bowl is less than a week away and besides the game and the halftime show, viewers look forward to the commercials. It’s becoming more common for brands to release their ads before the big game.

Ford just released their 90 second ad 6 days before Sunday. They will have their ad play after the coin toss, but before the kickoff.

Ford is rebranding itself as a motor company that provides “transportation solutions” and not just a company that manufactures cars. They recently opened the FordHub in the Westfield World Trade Center located in NYC where visitors can engage with technology and learn about the future of transportation.

Ford’s 2017 Super Bowl ad is supposed to go hand in hand with the FordHub and reassure customers that they are here to help make people’s lives easier.

Watch it below:

This ad features singer/songwriter Nina Simone’s “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free” and narration by actor, Bryan Cranston.

Sports Studio worked with MJZ Productions to provide all of the wrestling singlets and wrestling boots featured in this spot.

We provided the wrestling singlets for this ford commercial

We provided the wrestling singlets and wrestling boots used in this super bowl commercial

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