Frigidaire Gallery Presents: Zoe, Sarah, and Carter

Kids these days…

Seriously, did you see the arc on that shot? What kind of paper was that?

Ok, ok, ok. We know it’s not real, but the kids are still adorable.

Thanks to Sports Studio and the help of Bob Industries, their youth basketball, soccer, and baseball uniforms help these kids look even more cute. In addition to supplying licensed and generic uniforms for adults, Sports Studio also supplies youth sports apparel for productions. In fact, we frequently fills orders for entire Little League baseball teams, youth cheerleading squads, and many other children’s sports.

Our creative design team will help outfit your youth team regardless of the crazy team name or color scheme. If your next spot features a showdown between the Red-Hot Rhinos and the Purple Pirates, Sports Studio has you covered. We can even design a logo of a Rhinoceros jumping through a flaming hoop. Long story short, we like to get creative with our products here at Sports Studio, especially for the kids.

Next time you need a youth soccer squad to star in your commercial, contact Sports Studio, and we’ll provide uniforms and gear for all the little players.


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