From Broadway to Hollywood – Renting Sports Wardrobe Since 1972

Sports Studio has been around in one form or another since 1972, starting out as Sportsrobe. In that time, we’ve created, stocked, and collected a lot of great sports wardrobe and props. Actually, a lot might be an understatement. As far as it concerns anyone working on a production, we carry the largest inventory of sports equipment in our warehouse—over 135,000 hanging garments and counting.
We keep both the freshest full football uniform rentals that you’ll find at any costume house, as well as the best in period football wardrobe.

Full grey football uniform rental with custom logos and helmets. Sports Studio performed football consulting to ensure authenticity on screen.

Period Football Uniform Rental

We also keep the latest in NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and US Soccer equipment, as their trusted partner in entertainment.

Hollywood's Go-To For Sports Props | Sports Studio

Custom Lakers Jersey for Gatorade Commercial.

Full USWNT Soccer Uniform Rentals for Coppertone Commercial

Baseball Equipment Rentals

Our friendly wardrobe staff will be more than accommodating throughout the entire process, from the moment you walk through the door to the moment your gear arrives on set. Our sports wardrobe consultants are available as an extra service to you, our core customer, to ensure the authentic look and feel of each sport scene, as well as pair up each professional athlete with their appropriate brand sponsors.

If you have any questions regarding our wardrobe inventory of 25+ sports, give us a ring at 310.559.3999 or email us at