From Keeper Gloves to Trousers: We Rent Out Cricket Uniforms

Cricket originated back in the 16th century in south east England and is very popular in the Asia, Australia, and the UK.

Each match consists of two innings and is played between two teams of eleven players, but unlike baseball, the offensive team has two batsmen on the field at the same time. After one batsman hits the ball, the two batsmen run past each other to the opposite crease in order to score points. The creases are the marked areas within the pitch, the rectangular area in the middle of the large oval field.

There are two wickets, one on each side of the pitch. The wicket consists of three stumps hammered into the ground with two bails on top. The bowler, similar to a pitcher in baseball, tries to strike the wicket to knock the bails off of the stumps to get an out. The bowler has to let the ball bounce once before it reaches the wicket and the batsman has to try to stop the ball by hitting it out onto the field.

Because the balls used during matches are made up of dense cork wrapped with leather, the batsmen have to wear specific padding as part of their uniforms to protect their bodies.

Cricket Ball to rent for your productions

Rent cricket ball for production

The batsman will use a flat wooden bat and wear a helmet, batting gloves, thigh pads, a box, leg pads, shoes, a collared shirt, and trousers for their uniform.

The keeper, similar to a catcher in baseball, will wear keeper pads and keeper gloves along with their uniform and box.

At Sports Studio, we have collection of cricket padding, equipment, and uniforms that we can rent out to productions. See a few of our items in the photos below.

Rent out cricket bats and helmets

Rent out cricket pads

rent cricket shoes

Cricket shoe rentals

Cricket uniform consists of a collared shirt and trousers

Rent out cricket jumper and trousers

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