Sports Studio Services

We Rent Football Uniforms and Equipment (NFL Included)

When it comes to sports wardrobe, details matter more than just for aesthetics and the authentic presentation of the game. Safety is a huge factor, especially in football. With all of football’s physical contact, it’s critical that each player is accurately and safely dressed.

If your production features football players, Sports Studio can outfit players from head to toe with our full football uniform rentals.

 Pulling from our massive inventory, we can provide you with youth, high school, professional, or NFL football uniforms. Our wardrobe experts will ensure each uniform is game-ready, with all of the appropriate pads and equipment. Or if you’re looking for practice uniforms, we can help with that too. Whether you need contemporary 2015 football uniforms, or beaten up period jerseys, we can find or custom build exactly what you’re looking for.

Contact our wardrobe team by phone at (310)559-3999 or via email at


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