Funny or Die Exclusive: Weird Al Yankovic – “Sports Song”

With summer coming to a close and another semester of school looming in the not too far distance, there’s only one thing on our mind – football. And it’s not only on our mind — it’s on Weird Al Yankovic’s as well.

In this Funny or Die original music video “Sports Song,” Weird Al tells everyone their sports team sucks—while parading down a football field in a marching band outfit…with a marching band, naturally. Although there’s plenty of singing about sports, the actual playing of sports is short-lived in this video. Sports Studio contributed to the video by providing the blue away jersey for the football scene.

Beyond football wardrobe, Sports Studio also has inventory in basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, track, boxing, lacrosse, and even more. Although we don’t have a casting database of musical actors, we do have the largest national casting database for athletes. Have the athletes, but don’t have a route or play to run yet? Don’t worry, we also offer sports choreography services.

The end result is this—whatever it is you need, we can get it done.

Marching Band - "Sports Song"

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 8.37.14 AMSports Song Blue Jersey