Funny or Die’s Field of Dreams 2- The NFL Lockout

It seems to be a Field of Dreams spoof kind of year, as Funny or Die follows up the humorous Pepsi Max commercials with their take on the sports movie classic.

Tween heart throb, Taylor Lautner of the Twilight saga, takes the place of Kevin Costner in this hilarious football short. With appearances from Ray Lewis, Shawne “Lights Out” Merriman, Shaun Phillips, Kirk Morrison, the ever-gorgeous Marielle Jaffe, Antonio Cromartie, Dwight Freeney, Steve Smith, DeSean Jackson, Tony Gonzalez, Marshall Faulk, NFL Network’s Rick Eisenand even Costner himself. That’s quite a list. And we almost forgot to mention, Ray Liotta spoofing Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Not only do they poke fun at the NFL lockout and the the film, they also go after the All-State Insurance Commercials with actor Dennis Haysbert, who actually appears in their commercials. But this isn’t the first time, Haysbert has worked with Sports Studio.

Sports Studio first connected with Haysbert way back in 1989, when he played the tough, but lovable, Pedro Cerrano and SS made the jerseys from the other baseball movie classic of that year Major League.

For this spoof, Sports Studio provided the jerseys and the football equipment. Although the jerseys were nothing fancy, simple white with black lettering, they were meant to imitate the ghost team that shows up when Ray Kinsella builds his field out in rural Iowa in the film.

Here is a shot of DeSean Jackson’s jersey that he wore while asking if it was cool if he rented “No Strings Attached” on pay per view.

If you still can’t get enough of Team Jacob getting tackled by Ray Lewis over and over, or Antonio Cromartie flirting all over the place, check out this behind the scenes look from the FunnyorDie team. It may be funnier than the actual short.