Gatorade- Fixation with Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade

Everyone has had this dream at least once:
-The clock is winding down.
-The championship is on the line.
-You have the ball or are guarding the person with the ball.
-The sell out crowd is on their feet.
-There are millions of people watching worldwide.
-The weight of world is on your shoulders.
-Then…everything goes silent.

There’s two ways this dream can end:

Gatorade’s rather comical take on this classic subconscious scenario was Sports Studio’s second commercial with the sports drink in the month of February. If you recall, the first Gatorade spot was the biggest commercial production in Sports Studio history.

While Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade star in the commercial, you may notice that NBA players Mario Chalmers, Rashard Lewis and Kendrick Perkins all make appearances in the shoot.

Sports Studio worked with Adidas and the NBA to rent authentic Heat and Thunder warmups and uniforms for the production, which took place over NBA All-Star weekend in Houston.

We are pleased to be involved in the project and even more pleased knowing that NBA stars have dreams about being NBA stars just like the rest of us.