Gatorade- The Path of the Lightning Bolt

We’ve done big commercials. We’ve done Super Bowl commercials. But nothing compares to this Gatorade commercial.

This 1 minute and 1 second spot is the biggest commercial in the history of Sports Studio.

While you watch it, try to guess how many complete uniforms Sports Studio manufactured for this shoot. It goes by quick, so pay attention.

If you guessed 157 head to toe football uniforms, you are correct.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the breakdown-
53- 1965 University of Florida Gators
30- 1965 Mississippi State Bulldogs
30- 1965 Northwestern Wildcats
10- 1969 Kansas City Chiefs
10- 1985 New York Giants
24- 2012 Denver Broncos

Of course not all of the uniforms make the screen. One of the reasons for this is the incredible splicing of old footage with new scenes.

In addition, we made a few of those New York Giants coach’s jackets that were bathed in Gatorade during the shoot. Not to keep the list going, but we also outfitted referees, coaches and other sideline attire, some of which included officially licensed NFL sideline gear from Nike.

This commercial also marked our first fitting at our Torrance facility and it went off without a hitch. Over 100 players were outfitted with the help of the wardrobe team and our sales staff. Peyton Manning did not attend the fitting, though we did outfit the man who seems to be in every other commercial.

And after three weeks of hard work, we are extremely pleased with how the commercial came out.