GE Healthymagination: “Mom” Commercial

In corporate America, the term “Green” has become loaded, overused and misused so many times that the spirit behind the word has been lost among the rhetoric.

Meant to signify a movement to change our habits and business practices for the betterment of our environment and the world around us, “Green” has been more about attracting the customer and profits than shrinking their carbon footprint.

General Electric is putting their money where their mouth is investing in a project committed to trying to find sustainable solutions, while still making profit. Ecomagination, as GE has branded it, seems to be part think tank, part news source and part sustainable development loaded onto a website that has the feel of a blog, but the brains of a critical journal with the resources to make a change.

As part of GE’s more global initiative, the company launched, a site dedicated to using GE’s technologies to help promote general health practices as well as the fight against diseases like cancer. It’s always nice to see such a big company going the extra mile to provide their customers with pertinent information and insight.

Healthymagination’s newest commercial features a child talking about her mother and her unique traits.

For the spot, Sports Studio was commissioned to wardrobe the youth soccer teams from our vast selection of children’s sports uniforms. Here’s a shot of the commercial’s star’s jersey: