GE Performance Machines (Game) with Miles Austin, Mason Crosby and Von Miller

Several months back we created custom uniforms for a General Electric football commercial, starring DeMarco Murray, Von Miller and Mason Crosby.

Then the Sunday before the shoot, after we had finished making his full jersey and everything, Murray tore ligaments in his ankle. The Dallas Cowboys’ running back had to be replaced by teammate Miles Austin.

So we made a custom jersey for Austin, just as we did for Miller and Crosby, sent all the jerseys out to their respective locations (Dallas, Denver and Green Bay) and we waited to see it on TV.

It didn’t run during the playoffs, nor the Super Bowl, nor the weeks after the big game. We began to wonder if it had been scrapped entirely.

Then just today, we got to googling and we found something, it just wasn’t the commercial we were looking for.

It turns out, it’s an online game, which can be played right HERE.

The game utilizes video of the athletes, which you can control with your keyboard. For example, you can kick using the Packers’ Crosby to compete against a GE microwave. Play the game, it’s pretty fun.

It’s an interesting concept and marks the first time Sports Studio has provided wardrobe for a video game.

For the social game, we provided head to toe custom uniforms and the athletes looked great in their pro-fitting jerseys.