Getting to #30 | Paper & Packaging Board

Anybody that has gone on a road trip understands that while sitting in a car for an extended period of time can be tiresome, the memories made throughout the trip, both in and out of the car, are unforgettable.

In this commercial, Paper and Packaging Board adds to that sense of sentimentality. A granddaughter surprises her grandfather with an envelope that has tickets to a baseball game in Los Angeles. They drive out to LA to catch the game, and happen to accumulate a lot of paper-made souvenirs along the way.

This spot really speaks to the importance of tangible moments. From the handing of the envelope, to the baseball programs, and crossing another stadium off the list, these were all things that carried significance because they were done in person and in paper, not online.

For this particular spot, we provided some of the baseball gear seen in the video above, namely the grandfather’s baseball cap. Whether it’s a period baseball uniform rental, modern baseball wardrobe, MLB uniforms, or baseball props, we’ve got you covered.