Gillette: Clay Matthews Upside Down

We want to let you in on a Sports Studio inside joke. Well, it’s not a joke so much as it is a fun fact.

One of our most read blog posts ever is last October’s cover of Muscle and Fitness, featuring a shirtless Clay Matthews. Since it’s posting, the blog has racked up thousands and thousands of hits, directly correlated to the sexy and well-toned writing. Only kidding.

A year later, we have done several commercials with the Pro-Bowl Linebacker, but none as apparently intriguing as the topless Matthews’ cover.

Then along comes Gillette, who combines the popularity of Clay’s shirtlessness, his sheer strength on the field
and a bizarre camera inversion to give Muscle and Fitness a run for its money.

For this commercial, Sports Studio provided a set of Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots’ uniforms.