Gillette NFL – Protect Your Face

So, we’re sure you know – if you don’t, you should – that Sports Studio works with Clay Matthews all the time. Our month wouldn’t feel complete without sending Matthews’ uniform to a commercial set.

This time however, all of Clay’s wardrobe stayed right in our warehouse:

Clay shares this stage with Danny Amendola, Victor Cruz and Doug Martin. With a little glue, invisible string and velcro (but really only impressive graphics and digital rendering), production was able to virtually suspend the facemasks over the cleanly shaven faces.

Sports Studio was happy to provide the custom ordered facemasks in this commercial. We spent many hours searching for the correct game-worn facemasks for each player. Authenticity and attention to detail are just a couple of things here at Sports Studio that we pride ourselves on.

As we mentioned before, this isn’t our first time working with The Claymaker:

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