Google: Replacement Umpire

How many times do you use Google every day? Think about it. It’s the big G in the sky, all-knowing and everywhere there’s internet, Google is there with an answer to all of your questions.

We try not to remember a time before Google, when searches on would lead to endless articles of unrelated, over-keyworded text. But occasionally, we remember the dark ages. It makes us glad we have Google and all of its blessings it bestows upon us.

Every single day on Google, there are over 1 billion searches in 181 countries and 146 languages. How do we know that? We asked Google.

The search giant has made the internet more digestible, accessible and usable. They have made it easier to learn things with youtube and how to articles, find businesses, go shopping, all you have to do is type into that magical rectangle and the answer appears. You can even talk to Google.

You can ask anything, like who provided all of the youth baseball uniforms in that commercial. Or we could just tell you too, Sports Studio did.

The next time you need to know something, Google it, but if it’s Sports Wardrobe you need, ask Sports Studio.