Hall of Fame– Boyz in the Hood’s Little Ricky– Football Jersey

Written and directed by John Singleton, Boyz in the Hood (1991), depicts three friends growing up in the tough, inner city streets of Los Angeles.

Marked by brutal gang violence and tragedy, Singleton’s masterpiece is shocking, emotional and touching for any viewer. With a cast of now Hollywood superstars like Cuba Gooding Jr. and Lawrence Fishburne, Boyz has become a true-to-life period piece that is worth again and again. It is powerful, beautiful and crushing all at the same time.

20 years later, we were digging through red jerseys in the warehouse for a job and we found this:

It looked familiar, but then it hit us. Little Ricky from Boyz in the Hood.

We felt that finding an iconic piece of just hanging around our racks had to be shared with you. So as you can tell from the condition of the jersey, Sports Studio creates pieces that stand the test of time, both literally and figuratively.