Hall of Fame: Dave Matthews Band Rolling Stone Cover

Never one to shy away from controversy, Rolling Stone magazine has not only covered the American musical, political and cultural landscape, they have also helped shape it and shock the public since 1967.

Nor is the magazine shy of showing a little skin, from John and Yoko to Britney Spears to Janet Jackson, Rolling Stone’s covers tend to err on the sexy side.

The cover for the week of June 16th of 2005, however, was neither racy nor controversial.


Dressed in custom 1920’s period baseball jerseys, the Dave Matthews Band (or DMB, as it’s stitched on their jerseys) were looking dapper and right at home in their Sports Studio threads.

We had nearly forgotten about this gem, but this fall has been filled with an unusual amount of orders looking for period baseball uniforms and, lo and behold, we found the band’s jerseys just hanging out, so to speak.