Hall of Fame: Hook (The Movie) Pirates’ baseball uniforms

Historically, a Pirate’s Life has consisted of swashbuckling, pillaging, sailing, fighting, drinking and swindling. Most notably, this life does not include baseball, probably due to pirates’ maritime-based existence.

But when Hollywood can stretch its creative freedom, even pirates can play ball.

20 years ago, Hook made waves as the newest installment of the Peter Pan saga. Starring Robin Williams Gwyneth Paltrow and Dustin Hoffman, the Steven Spielberg film grossed $300 million dollars worldwide. That’s right, 300 million dollars.

“So where does Sports Studio come in?” you ask. Pirate Baseball, we answer. And here’s proof.

We have come a long way since those days, when costume designers would send us hand drawn renditions of what they wanted us to manufacture for their . Enjoy this side by side look at the artist originals and two shots from the movie:

And while we have upgraded our services to include graphic and logo design forcontemporary jobs just like this, we still have kept some of our past around in the warehouse:

For all your Hollywood sports needs, whether custom or out of stock, make sure you call Hollywood’s authentic sports leader first.