Hall of Fame: Wes Chandler Jersey in The Karate Kid

In Okinawa, all Miyagi “know” is two things: fish and karate. And here at Sports Studio all we know is sports– sports movies, sports quotes, sports everything.

Well, we are obviously more well-rounded than that, but sports is definitely our specialty. So when our wardrobe manager, Gus, came across this Wes Chandler jersey from The Karate Kid, we had to share.

Let’s venture all the way back to 1984, when this martial arts classic made it’s way to the big screen.
Actually let’s go back even further to 1981 when Wes Chandler made his way onto the Charger’s football field.

The San Diego star receiver made his mark in the 80’s. So much so that the young Ralph Macchio sported the famous jersey in the movie. From the leader of receiving yards in the league, to the lead actor in the film, this blue and gold jersey got some major camera time.

Macchio, who played the tormented underdog turned karate protege, repped the SoCal team by wearing Chandler’s number, 89, in several scenes throughout the film, as you can see here.

Although Gus may not have the reflexes of a cat like Mr. Miyagi, he does have the eye of a tiger. He recognized this jersey from over two DECADES ago amongst over a million pieces of sports attire in our warehouse. It’s as if this jersey wanted to be found.

Here is a close up of the NFL record breaker’s original jersey worn in the film.

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