Hass Avocados Football Party with John Lynch

Delicious snacks and finger foods are a must have at any football party. The creamy avocado treats displayed in this Hass Avocado will make any party-goer drool, including nine time pro-bowler and world champ, John Lynch. While Hass brought the food to the game-time get together, Sports Studio brought the red and white jerseys.

And if you think you may have seen this ad before, you are probably right. We teamed up with Hass Avocados last year for this commercial and a year later, they’re still running it. We provided the jerseys for the football fanatics seen enjoying their beer and guacamole.

Sports Studio is no stranger to tailgating parties, having teamed up with Coors Light, Bud Light, StubHub! and more this football season. And we’re happy to see that Hass Avocados is part of the action again this year.

So grab your favorite avocado inspired snack and watch us, along with NFL star, John Lynch, in this sports spirited Hass ad: