HBO Go Commercial “Underdog” Football

For the new HBO Go app, HBO created a commercial satire to remember, as they spoof the standard inspirational sport movie blueprint.

It’s the typical guy-who-has-never-played-turns-hero-in-the-big-game storyline, only with the spoof level turned all the way up.

Think about the aspects of almost any sports movie you’ve ever seen from a coach’s motivational speech, the final second countdown, the stereotypical storming of the field, carrying a teammate off the field, and a fist pump to freeze frame, this commercial points to the silliness and improbability of it all.

And when HBO needed period football uniforms for their spoof of standard sports movies, who do you think they called? The people who have outfitted almost every sports scene in movies, commercials and television for the last 40 years– Sports Studio.

Sure they were making fun of some of the movies we have helped make wardrobe, like Rudy, but we don’t mind a little good natured poking.

So we created the simple, period specific uniforms for both teams and had ourselves a good laugh when we finally saw the spot.

And don’t forget to check out HBO Go’s app here.