Head & Shoulders—Troy Polamalu “Lyin’ Fool”

While the Pittsburgh Steeler players are predominately known for their football abilities, each of them has something else that makes them special– Troy Polamalu is know for his hair, Brett Keisel is know for his beard, and Hines Ward is know for his dance moves, and that smile.

At Sports Studio, we are known for bringing all of these visions to life. And we did just that at the Rose Bowl this past summer for Head & Shoulders.

Our on-set wardrobe consulting team got to the shoot bright and early for the 5:30 AM call time. From the jerseys to the pads to the helmets to the cleats, nothing was forgotten or overlooked.

Not only did Sports Studio get all of the equipment needed for the shoot, but we also acquired all the personnel to go in the commercial. We dug deep into our database and cast the perfect football players to stand alongside Hines, Brett, and Troy.

Our Wardrobe Manager Gus was arrived at the crack of dawn. Having worked in the industry for 13 years, Gus is the premier sports wardrobe consultant. From how the socks should look to what size the numbers need to be, he is a walking library of uniform knowledge.

At one point during the day, Gus sat down with Hines Ward and talked about our company. Gus explained to him how Sports Studio is Hollywood’s Authentic Sports Leader for entertainment purposes. It’s not too often that a NFL player starts asking about you!

We stayed on set all day and helped Head & Shoulder achieve their goal of an authentic locker room setting.

We also had a little time with the extras to snag a some cool photos.

The day finally wrapped as the sun was going down. It’s pretty crazy to think that it took an entire day to shoot a 15 second commercial and here’s the final product: