Head & Shoulders- Troy Polamalu and the Piano

Troy Polamalu is deep. Too deep even. But we didn’t expect him to be deeper than we ever thought possible.

And just when we thought he couldn’t get any deeper, Polamalu goes and blows our minds, opening a School for Deeper Learning with Rob Riggle (who we work with for Fox NFL Sunday) and teammate Brett “The Beard” Kiesel. The lessons are free to the public, so if you want to improve on your personal deepness, by all means take the courses.

For the shoot at the Rose Bowl, we didn’t make Troy’s conductor jacket, but we did cut the numbers and name for application. In addition, we made generic jerseys and rented the rest of his uniform, which Polamalu and his piano-playing double wore.

Check out this behind the scenes look, which features our wardrobe.