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When great things team up people get mad.

Brad and Angelina? Mad.

Churchill and FDR? Mad.

LeBron and D Wade? Mad.

Old Spice and Head and Shoulders? No one can be mad at incredible soft, wonderfully smelling, voluminous, shiny, dandruff-free hair.

Head and Shoulders teamed up with Old Spice, but they aren’t the only new additions. C.J. Wilson and Josh Hamilton recently became the newest hair spokesmen for Head and Shoulders.

While it may be these newly minted Angels’ first dance with the P&G Powerhouse, this certainly wasn’t Sports Studio’s first rodeo.

Sports Studio has been responsible for providing Head & Shoulders’ productions with officially licensed apparel from the MLB and the NFL for the likes of Troy Polamalu, Brett Kiesel, Troy Polamalu, Joe Mauer, Troy Polamalu, Hines Ward and oh, did we mention, Troy Polamalu.

For this shoot, Sports Studio sent one of our on-set sports consultants to help dress the athletes and make sure everything was just right. To our knowledge, this was one of the first times Hamilton had ever donned a full Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim uniform.

Here’s a few shots of our uniforms: