Hello Makeup Binging. So long #Showhole | Amazon Fire TV

#Showhole, the emptiness you feel after the show you’ve been binge watching finally ends and you are worried you won’t find another show to replace it.

Amazon has been circulating ads about this since last November and the hashtag has caught on. According to Twitter, thousands of people know the feeling of being in a #Showhole. If you have Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu, then you are probably one of these people.

With the invention of these popular streaming sites and other new devices like the Amazon Fire Stick, the culture of binge watching is more popular than ever. With multiple episodes being available at once, people don’t have to keep tuning in weekly for new episodes.

Amazon just released two commercials promoting the Fire Stick and one of them featured our Sportsrobe. We worked with Dummy Films to provide the full football uniform worn in this Amazon Fire TV commercial. We provided everything from the jersey and pants to the shoulder pads, knee pads, football helmet, cleats, compression shirt and belt. 

We provided the full football uniform for this Amazon Fire Tv commercial

Sportsrobe provided the red football uniit

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