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Here at Sports Studio, our business is founded on sports storytelling. In many instances, these stories are based on true events. When Historica Canada came to us with the request for recreating 1920’s Winnipeg Falcons uniforms, we were pretty excited about it.

For this touching tribute, we dressed nine hockey players head to toe in our period hockey wardrobe, as well as provided the two uniforms hanging in remembrance of the Falcons’ lost teammates.

While all of the period hockey equipment and pants were pulled from our inventory of sportsrobe, we custom built the jerseys to look straight out of the 20’s. After digitizing the artwork from photo references, we set up the knitting and pattern work to recreate the Falcon’s uniforms.

Common to the time period, rather than sewing the front and back of the jersey panels together, each jersey was knit from top to bottom, the only seams being on the sleeves. Additionally, the red Maple leaves on the yellow jerseys are chain-stitched, which is an extremely rare form of hand-embroidery in preset day.

We’re beyond proud to have worked on this campaign as part of the wardrobe team. This story and its message are awe-inspiring. As this ad reminds us, nearly a century later, the Falcons’ legacy lives on.

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