History of the “Assist” with Chris & Cliff – State Farm

Once upon a time…

When dinosaurs ruled the earth.

A hungry Tyrannosaurus rex was in need of help. His nubby arms prevented him from reaching the luscious leaves that hovered right above him. Just then, a Diplodocus (think: Long Neck from Land Before Time) fortuitously appeared. Employing his tall, trunk-like neck, the dashing Diplodocus pushed down the branches for Rexy. And that is how the assist was born.

They remained best friends until a large meteorite came crashing into the earth, or so the story goes.

Fast-forward to 1922 when Christopher Paul Sr. Sr. Sr. and Clifford Paul Sr. Sr. Sr. reinvented the assist to what we know it as today.

Check out this new State Farm commercial to hear their story:

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