Sports Studio Services

Hollywood’s Go-To for Sports Props

You may know of Sports Studio, formerly Sportsrobe, as Hollywood’s go-to for jerseys and uniform rentals. But did you know we have an enormous selection of sports equipment and sports props also available for rent?

From cheerleader pom-poms to quarterback towels, to compression sleeves and water bottles, pilons, umpire brushes, and sideline gatorade coolers, we have pretty much everything you could think up and more. 

Our goal has always been to be Hollywood’s one-stop shop for sports scenes, including wardrobe, props, even athlete casting and on-set consulting, to make it easier on our customers. 

We know there are a million and one other things going on with production, so our goal is keep everything sports as organized as we possibly can. 

To check out our sports equipment and props, please feel free to come on down to our warehouse. Additionally,  see a small sampling in the photos below. 

Rent Sports Wardrobe and props
Sports Studio: Rent Sports Wardrobe and props in Hollywood

Rent the NFL's Official Football: The  Wilson Duke | Sports Studio Sports Props

Rent Foam Fingers and Fan Gear for Production: Hollywood Sports Uniforms and Props

Gatorade Coolers and Sideline Props : Production Rentals from Sports Studio