How to be Cast in Hollywood

We all know the story of Usher discovering Justin Bieber on Youtube. And while that’s great for the Biebs, it’s the exception to the rule. For most of Hollywood’s elite, their lucky break came from years of hard work, grinding it out at hundreds of auditions, standing around as extras and taking any kind of bit parts they could get. It didn’t just happen.

Thanks to technology it’s a bit easier to get discovered than ever before. Sure, Youtube and Twitter are great for building fan bases, but the jobs and casting director’s aren’t on those sites. They’re on casting databases, posting jobs, searching for talent. Casting databases, that’s where the action is.

There are a couple great options:
It’s hard to say that LA Casting isn’t the industry leader, because, in truth, they are. The only catch with this database is that it costs a pretty penny to stay in the database.
For Central Casting the catch is that you have to register at one of their offices in NY or LA, which can be difficult if you’re not in those cities. However, once you’re in, we hear that they’re great for extras casting.
There’s more out there, those are just two of the biggest and most well known databases, so take a look for yourself.

But let’s not forget, the nation’s largest database of athletic actors. It’s free to create a profile, free to submit for casting calls, and free to change your picture or add video to your profile. It’s all free, free, free.

We are still a growing database, but having cast athletes in The Dark Knight Rises, Jack and Jill, Necessary Roughness and a slew of other projects, Sports Studio Casting is off to a great start. And we’re only getting bigger. The best part is, you don’t have to be an athlete to join. You can be a fan, a ref, a coach, or a cheerleader, we cast everything related to sports.

We cast jobs nationwide, so no need to be in LA or NY. Truth be told, we never know where our next production will land us, meaning that it pays to have a profile regardless of where you’re located.

Regardless of where you are, we wish you the best of luck in your quest to become a Hollywood superstar. So work hard and enjoy the ride.