Interview with Sports Studio coordinator Jessi Moore

Last week we sat down with Sports Studio assistant sports coordinator Jessi Moore to talk about casting, coordinating and season two of Necessary Roughness. She was even nice enough to send us a few pics and lend you athletes a few tips on how to catch her eye when she’s looking for athletes.

Sports Studio: It’s been a pretty busy year this far, how many states have you cast athletes in?
Jessi Moore: LA and Atlanta seem to be the hot spots right now.

SS: You’re back on Necessary Roughness for Season 2, talk about what it’s like this time around.
JM: The show did really well last season, so they ordered 16 episodes this year. Everybody’s excited because we know we have a chance to be part of something great that will hopefully continue for several more seasons.

SS: What kind of new sports should we expect to see this season?
JM: Dr. Dani has her hands full so far! On Sports Studio Casting, We’ve cast Roller Derby, Professional and High School cheerleading, Baseball, and of course, lots of football players and coaches. And we’re only 6 episodes in!

SS: What else do you have on the horizon in terms of upcoming projects?
JM: Commercial season is starting to pick up, so we’re getting calls about projects in LA and other parts of the country as well. There may also be a few big football projects in the works as well…

SS: As the assistant sports coordinator for Sports Studio, if you could give advice to our database members on how to get cast, what would it be?

JM: Make sure your profile is as complete as possible. This includes multiple pictures- both action shots and current snapshots. We often book people just off of their profiles, so we need to know what you will look like when you show up on set.

Also, be sure to include your Top 3 sports positions- don’t just list them all! We know that you can probably play all over the field or court, but if this was an All-Star team, what would be your primary position? It’s also important to include achievements and schools/teams you played for. We do Google searches, so just be honest.

SS: What do you look for when you sort through profiles?

JM: Your profile picture is important. Whether it’s an action shot or a basic headshot, it should be an accurate representation of you. I also look at the Overview section. We want to know the people we are casting. You represent us on set, so show us a little of your personality.

SS:Any funny stories about guys showing up not looking like what’s in their profile?

JM: Absolutely. I’ve called people in for auditions and it was clear that their pictures were taken in their glory days. Since then, they’ve put on 30 pounds and have a huge bald spot. I’ve also seen a few clearly photoshopped photos- you can tell it’s their face on someone else’s body. And then it’s just awkward for everybody at the audition. Just be honest with yourselves.