It’s a #RoughLife with Eric Decker

Let us ask you this, ladies, how great would it be if New York Jets’ Eric Decker could stand-in as your husband for date night?

No sports. No complaints. No heavy sighs because it is date night and football is on. Just you and Eric Decker, enjoying a nice bag of Ruffles. Romantic, we know.

It wouldn’t be too ruff of a life (ba dum, chh).

Too bad it isn’t exactly realistic. However, the use of doubles in football commercials is fairly common.

In the world of entertainment, stand-ins and doubles are needed to help actors (or in our case, star athletes) avoid injury, boredom or getting a sunburn during camera tests. You don’t even wanna know what happens if they break a nail or stub a toe.

Sports Studio provided the New York Jets helmet that was featured in this spot. As the NFL season is quickly approaching, we know you’ll be busy with commercials and shoots. Reach out to us for all of your NFL wardrobe needs.

Also, keep in mind that Sports Studio has a database to help cast athletic actors. Our database exceeds 18k talented individuals. Perhaps we can find your future stand-in hubby?