Jared Jewelry – It’s Only at Jared… or is it?

To all the fellas out there,

If you want to take the advice of superstar Beyoncé and “put a ring on her finger,” then fine. Rings are cool and everything.

But… an equally impressive alternative to a diamond would be a bedazzled, hot pink football jersey. Your significant other will love this and be forever committed. And you can get them at Sports Studio.

You may not be able to get engagement rings and commitment necklaces and promise earrings from Sports Studio, but you can get custom made sports apparel like the bedazzled jersey in this Jared Jewelry spot.

“He went to Jared.” No he didn’t, he went to Sports Studio.

Disclaimer: If you happen to take our advice about getting your girl a hot pink football jersey with rhinestones on them instead of jewelry, you may be sleeping in the dog house for a while.