JJ Watt Gets Pumped with the Zac Brown Band | Bose

In the latest spot from Bose, viewers catch a glimpse of JJ Watt’s focus and determination before a game. With a little help from The Zac Brown Band’s “Heavy in the Hand,” and a little egging from the band themselves, JJ gets into the zone.

Sports Studio worked with Bose, O Positive Films and CAA to provide JJ Watt’s head to toe uniform, as well as the Texan uniforms in the background of the locker room. We’ve worked with JJ a handful of times this year, and we’re sure to work with him again soon. We keep JJ’s complete uniform, helmet, gloves, pads, and cleats ready to go to set. Whenever he’s on camera in his uniform, we know everything will fit perfectly. Well, that is, unless he’s even more jacked the next time around.

If your production is shooting a football scene, whether it’s with players on the field, or in a locker room like this one, we’d love to work together. We’re the NFL’s official entertainment partner, and at our very specific intersection of sports and entertainment, you can always rely on us to get it in the end zone.

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