Joe Mauer, Head and Shoulders and The Game of Life

As, gears up for their Head and Shoulders’ casting call with Troy Polamalu, we were pleasantly surprised that the company recently released another commercial that we had done with Joe Mauer and the Minnesota Twins.

Different from the original, where Joe throws a brown towel over his head and pretends that he’s Troy Polamalu, only to have the safety pop out of thin air to chastise the catcher, the new spot features more “Unusual Signs.”

When Mauer calls for the next pitch with seven fingers, the pitcher calls time for this hilarious discussion about the game of life:

For the commercial, Head and Shoulders came back to Sports Studio once again for custom grey jerseys for the Twins’ roster. Here is just one jersey of the many we made for the spot:

And if that’s not enough Mauer’s Head and Shoulders’ power for you, here’s another hilarious commercial with the Minnesota catcher: